WaterFurnace Warranty WaterFurnace offers a variety of Warranty Options

WaterFurnace offers some of the industry's best warranties — up to 10 years. In addition to replacement parts coverage, your servicing dealer receives a repair or replacement labor allowance on warranted components in the unit. However, WaterFurnace also offers several other warranty options depending on the needs of the customer. Your independent WaterFurnace dealer should have previously discussed with you the terms of these options, and together you have selected the one that best fits your needs. Not all customers select the 10-year coverage, so if you are unsure as to your warranty period, contact your WaterFurnace dealer

What items are covered under the warranty?

Our standard warranty covers parts and most accessories. “Parts” are considered to be any factory-installed component inside the unit including, but not limited to, the compressor, reversing valve, expansion valve, electrical components, air coil, heat exchanger, etc. Upon failure of a part, the company provides a replacement part to the servicing contractor at no charge. “Accessories” are generally external to the unit and include items like thermostats, pumps, humidifiers, etc. In most cases, accessories supplied by WaterFurnace carry a 5 year warranty. Some warranties do not cover accessories. Contact your dealer to determine the specific terms and extent of your coverage.

Will I have to pay labor costs for warranty repairs?

Some warranty options include a Labor Allowance, which is an amount credited to your servicing company based on the type of repair made. The labor allowance is designed to reduce the cost of repairs. However, it may not cover the entire labor fee charged by your dealer. Not all warranty options include a labor allowance.

How Do I obtain My Warranty Certificate?

The warranty registration form from you dealer or Eden Energy Equipment must be completed immediately after installation to receive full warranty benefits. Upon receiving your warranty registration, your dealer will mail you your Warranty Certificate. Please read the warranty certificate carefully to familiarize yourself with the terms of the warranty so that you can obtain full benefits and avoid misunderstandings. If you have any questions about warranty coverage, contact your WaterFurnace dealer.

If you are not sure if your unit has been registered or what warranty your equipment has, you can speak with your local independent WaterFurnace dealer or you can call 1-800-665-3336 and speak with our customer service team.

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