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Energy & Performance Monitoring

Symphony gives you the power to monitor and track your unit’s energy use instantaneously or as a daily, weekly or 13-month history. Symphony gives you the power to track trends visually and provides the information you need to reduce consumption even further. Make tweaks to your thermostat and watch the effect on your bills!

Your WaterFurnace Dealer can also monitor your system remotely giving you piece of mind whether you are travelling or if this is a second home with immediate alerts to any equipment issues that may come up.
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Aurora WebLink

The Aurora WebLink router communicates directly with our Aurora control board rather than simply connecting to the thermostat. This provides you and your dealer with access to unit sensors, energy use and system information rather than the limited information a typical thermostat sees.

Symphony Thermostats

An internet-enabled thermostat allows homeowners to change temperature, set a schedule, monitor vacation mode, and more via smart phone or tablet. Connect to the personalized dashboard for remote functionality—all from the comfort of your sofa.

Invisible Thermostat

The concept of a dedicated thermostat is becoming outdated. If you’d rather not have a thermostat cluttering your walls, install an invisible flush-mount ‘mud-in’ temperature sensor (pictured above) and use a Symphony-based smartphone or tablet to control your home comfort levels instead. - optional feature.

Water/Sump Alarm

Symphony can also be expanded to prevent water damage from household equipment failure. External water sensors provide you email/text notification in the event of a sump pump malfunction or washer hose failure. - Optional Feature

Advanced Zoning System

Remotely control temperatures and programs in up to six areas of your home with our IntelliZone2 zoning system. WaterFurnace is the only geothermal manufacturer to offer its own zoning solution, and now we’re the only ones with online control. - Optional Feature

Symphony Dashboard

The personalized dashboard provides quick access to your system’s settings, operational status and history, alert history, energy usage, and zone temperatures as well as local weather. - Accessible from anywhere

Consumer Benefits

  • Remote access of thermostat adjustments and programming including full zoning
  • Multiple unit/home capability
  • Smart device app with remote thermostat management and energy monitoring
  • Notification of system alarm/alerts via e-mail or text to designated people
  • Optional add-on sump/water alarm sensor
  • WaterFurnace unit energy monitoring history

Dealer Benefits

  • Access to view and monitor all customer-accessible features
  • Remote monitoring of customers’ equipment via real-time virtual AID tool and historical data analysis of 100+ parameters recorded every 10 sec.
  • Notification of system alarm/alerts via e-mail or text to you and your technicians
  • Potential time/costs reductions in diagnostics, repairs and unnecessary jobsite trips
  • Onsite wireless AID tool via smart device

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