Aurora Advanced Controls Insight in the palm of your hands

Aurora Advanced Controls Package

Verifiable performance on your geothermal system

Choosing the Aurora Advanced Controls brings AXB and energy monitoring capabilities to the unit. Real time kWh use can be displayed on our Elite 2-way communicating thermostats (TPCM32U03 [5Series only] and TPCM32U04) while real time, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly energy use can be displayed on our color touchscreen thermostat (TPCC32U01).

The Aurora Advanced Controls provides a platform for other upgrades including performance and refrigerant monitoring as well as IntelliZone2 compatibility.

  • Provides peace of mind knowing the geothermal system is saving them money and operating efficiently.
  • Eliminates questions regarding increased energy bills.

Aurora Refrigeration Monitoring

The Flagship Residential Geothermal Furnace

This Aurora upgrade gives the ability to monitor the refrigeration circuit including superheat, subcooling as well as suction and discharge pressures and temperatures

  • Provides diagnostic information on unit operation in an instant and without even opening the unit.
  • Calculates Refrigerant side data without the need for gauges

Aurora Performance Monitoring Package

A great balance of value and performance.

This package includes the energy monitoring capabilities of the Aurora Advanced Controls Package and adds the ability to monitor air and water temperatures, loop pressure, water flow rate and calculates heat of extraction/rejection at the AID Tool. (AXB required)

  • Service maintenance agreements more efficiently and effectively.
  • View pertinent refrigeration data without the use of gauges.

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