Envision™ Series Air Handler Combines comfort with versatility and efficiency

Combines comfort with versatility and efficiency

Whether you have limited utility space, are replacing a traditional heat pump or air conditioner, or your home simply doesn’t have the space for an all-in-one package unit, the Air Handler and 5 Series Split will be a good fit for you and your home. It fits easily into any attic or crawlspace. Or maybe you’re ready to replace your traditional air-to-air heat pump with something much more efficient, but your air handler is in a remote part of your house. To avoid costly re-ducting, the NAH Air Handler can be placed in the same spot as the previous less-efficient air handler. Better yet, it’s geothermal—the most efficient and cost-effective way to condition your home. When paired with our 5 Series Split Units, the Air Handler can save you money—up to 70%—while providing you with the comfort and reliability you’ve come to expect from the WaterFurnace name.

The NAH Air Handler is available in 2 to 5-ton capacities with either a refrigerant or a hydronic coil option for a wide range of applications. The Air Handler comes standard with an ECM variable speed fan motor for maximum comfort and savings—think of it like comparing highway driving to city driving and its difference in fuel efficiency. The variable speed fan motor will vary itself so that it runs at only the speed needed while a single-speed motor is either on or off. An electric back-up heat option is also available for added peace of mind. The Air Handler paired with the 5 Series Split system is ENERGY STAR® rated.

Features and Benefits:

  • Narrow cabinet for ease of installation
  • Field adjustable configurations
  • Slide-out blower assembly
  • Factory-installed txv
  • Stainless steel drain pan
  • Optional electric heat

Air Handler Features

  • Hydronic and R410A Refrigerant Models

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