Peterborough Retrofit Reaffirms WaterFurnace Geothermal Heating and Cooling Savings


Make their 1,500 square foot dream home near Peterborough, Ontario, environmentally sound, but efficient to heat and cool.

Project Details

  • Home Size: 1,500 Square Feet
  • Unit Type: Synergy3D 4-ton
  • Number of Units: 1
  • Loop Type: Closed Loop

Equipment Used

A homeowner working on a 1,500 square foot retrofit project near Peterborough in 2011 had a vision to not only make their dream home environmentally sound, but efficient to heat and cool. This homeowner researched and embraced the benefits of WaterFurnace geothermal, and had a WaterFurnace Synergy3D 4 Ton installed in their home. Their home showcases a wall facing the western side of the house, entirely of glass, with a full walkout basement giving the homeowner a great view of the lake in the summer and in the winter.

The walkout and the large amount of west facing windows on the main floor introduced a design obstacle in heating the space from the standpoint of the cost to heat, and overall comfort to the homeowner. Large glass areas lose a lot of heat in the winter and as a result, can increase heating costs and reduce comfort. The Synergy3D addressed the cost of heating, while maximizing comfort as it provides not only forced air heating and cooling, but radiant heating to greatly enhance comfort in the areas containing significant amounts of exposed glass.

The homeowner has found a way to sustainably balance the heating and cooling obstacles of their home with the Synergy3D and decrease the month to month strain of utility bills in the process.

Before the WaterFurnace was installed in the home, the space was heated with electric resistance heat. Making the switch to WaterFurnace geothermal has resulted in improved comfort, and quick returns for the homeowner on their monthly heating and electrical bills. The problem areas with exposed glass and the walkout basement are now heated with radiant, maximizing comfort and savings. The rest of the home takes advantage of not only infloor, but forced air heating and cooling all within one package unit, the Synergy3D.

There is no need for compromise between comfort and cost with WaterFurnace. By choosing WaterFurnace, the home’s combined heating, electric and hot water bill is now an average of $140.00 per month. This is more than 65% savings over the previous years.

The reason that the Synergy3D is so efficient is because it taps into 30 years of WaterFurnace engineering and uses a ground loop and the earth’s constant temperature to heat and cool the space, as well as produce the hot water for domestic use.

It works on the same principal as a refrigerator. In the winter time, we extract the heat from the ground loop to keep the house warm and in the summertime, we reject the heat to the ground loop to keep the space cool.

This energy from the ground loop is essentially free, unlimited, and 100% renewable. The Synergy3D has a COP of 4.2* which means for every unit of energy purchased, we get 4.2 units back. This is how a WaterFurnace greatly enhances the efficiency of heating and cooling a home in comparison to electric heat, oil, propane or air source heat pumps.

This homeowner will enjoy time at his dream home with his children and grandchildren on Chemong Lake, Ontario for years to come with the reassurance that he is heating his home by means that are not only cost-effective, but environmentally friendly.

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