Mulmur Township Office Goes Green


Converted the Mulmur Township office from two electric forced-air systems with cooling to two WaterFurnace geothermal units.

Project Details

  • Unit Type: Envison
  • Number of Units: 2
  • Loop Type: Horizontal

Equipment Used

The Mulmur Township office has recently undergone a change in their heating and cooling system. In October of 2008, Nottawasaga Mechanical, of Wasaga Beach, ON, converted the Mulmur Township office from two electric forced-air systems with cooling to two WaterFurnace geothermal units. Mulmur Township is located at the northeast corner of Dufferin County, about an hour’s drive northwest of Toronto. Terry Horner, chief administrative officer of Mulmur Township, says that Nottawasaga Mechanical “was a good bunch to work with. They made the change very easy.”

Nottawasaga Mechanical and Mit-Con Engineering worked closely to size and design a forced-air heating and cooling system for this project. An NDV064 with a five-ton horizontal loop was put in to heat and cool the upper level of the building which includes the offices. An NDV049 with a four-ton horizontal loop was installed to take care of the lower level of the building including the board room. Nottawasaga Mechanical also installed an additional three-ton loop at this time, as the township office was planning an addition to the office. This meant that the yard only had to be dug up once, and the addition would be ready to go geothermal the following spring.

The township office then underwent the building of their new addition in spring of 2009. Nottawasaga Mechanical was awarded the work and installed an NDV038 with the existing three-ton horizontal loop. Nottawasaga Mechanical began to install and service WaterFurnace geothermal equipment in 1987. They have a staff of 30 people and have WaterFurnace factory trained technicians to offer the best in installation and service.

“At Nottawasaga Mechanical, we have hundreds of satisfied customers in the Mulmur Township and surrounding area, so it was fitting that we service the municipal office” says Jacob Carr, operations manager of Nottawasaga Mechanical. Horner adds that the treasurer has noticed savings, although exact numbers are not available. Typical electric furnaces, although 100% efficient, can produce 31,000 BTUs for every dollar spent. A WaterFurnace geothermal system is 430% efficient, producing 133,400 BTUs for every dollar spent. This calculation is based on a basic energy conversion formula. “I would recommend WaterFurnace to others,” says Horner of the new units, “it’s great!”

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