Helping to provide an unbeatable earthloop system, Environol Anti-Freeze is the environmentally friendly solution for keeping your geothermal system running at its peak all year round.  Even through those cold winter nights!




Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings
This high density, corrosion-resistant pipe has become the choice of today's leading contractors for constructing geothermal earthloops.  With both pipe and fusion fittings available, you will be able to find what you need for all of your earthloops.




DustFighter 95 Electrostatic Filters
Capturing 95% of household pollutants has become the new standard for filter efficiency.  This series of electrostatic filters provides the cost-conscious consumer with an inexpensive solution to cleaning the air, and saving money.




IntelliZone Comfort System
Being able to control the climate in different rooms of the same building with only one heating/cooling unit is now made possible with the IntelliZone Comfort System.  Combining an IntelliZone with an already amazingly-efficient geothermal WaterFurnace unit can result in even more savings.