IntelliZone: Comfort Zoning System

Exactly the right comfort level for every room in your home!


Now you can precisely control the comfort level of every room in your home with the EnvisionĀ® IntelliZoneā„¢ system. Working with your Envision geothermal unit and electronic thermostat, the IntelliZone can eliminate temperature variations that occur throughout your home. For example, you can make that remote bedroom livable again. And why cool the entire house when everyone's in the family room? Not only is your comfort level improved, but by precisely conditioning only specified areas, your geo-thermal system operates more efficiently, so you save even more money on heating and cooling bills. Improved comfort, improved savings...that is IntelliZone.


Precise comfort control

Together with your Envision geothermal system and up to four remote thermostats (zones), you can condition your home or light commercial structure to suit everyone's comfort needs.

A simple control on your electronic thermostat allows you total freedom to "zone condition" your entire home. For example, you can heat only the bedrooms at night, or cool or heat the downstairs sunroom during the day. When necessary, better comfort is provided to a remote bedroom or workshop. Typical temperature differences are eliminated in two- or three-storey homes, especially with open entry floorplans. Whatever your family's needs, virtually silent ECM2 fan speed changes provide just the right comfort level to every location in your home.

In commercial applications, improved comfort is delivered to every zone in the building from conference rooms to individual offices to classrooms. Near simultaneous heating and cooling requirements are satisfied within minutes, so you can cool the computer room while keeping the lobby heated. In fact, virtually any light commercial application can benefit from the improved comfort and cost savings of an IntelliZone Comfort Zoning System.



The IntelliZone allows for flexibility with either "comfort" or "economy" mode in each individual zone to provide savings in all areas. Zones that require less precise temperature control can be set for "economy" mode, while zones that require precise control are set in the "comfort" mode. Unit staging (sequencing from first to second to third stage operation) is also selectable to best fit the needs of the application.


Saves Money

IntelliZone provides you with precise control over your indoor environment. You can adjust zones to condition only the rooms that need it, so your Premier or Envision geothermal system runs more efficiently, saving you even more on your energy bills. And because heating and cooling requirements are reduced, equipment size can often be reduced as well, saving on installation costs.


IntelliZone Features

  • Precise temperature control
  • Easy to install
  • No complicated programming required
  • Microproccessor design
  • Controls up to four zones
  • Reduces use of auxiliary heat
  • Optional programmable time clock for day/night setback control

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